Peace of mind

When a storm threatens, you can have the reassurance of knowing you have a generator supplied and serviced by T4Power.

Your safety and security can be threatened by unreliable or sudden loss of power. Security systems, sump pumps, most heating systems and essential home appliances all require power to operate. Refrigerators, freezers, computers and other delicate electronics are susceptible to failure with “brown outs” and fluctuating power patterns. Many insurance providers are requiring home and small business owners to have back up power or standby power generation.


Advantages over Portable Generators

Even when you’re not at home, T4Power generators can always be ready with their automatic transfer functions. When connected directly to your home’s fuel system and electrical circuit, you never have to fill a gas tank or manually transfer from the utility to the home standby power unit.

Permanent Generators are housed in outdoor shells that easily fit into your homes landscaping and exterior. Their quieter operation and added power capacity are features you will appreciate, especially during lengthy blackouts.

Dependability, Security, Reassurance. When you purchase your generator from T4Power, you have the confidence that:

  • You’re buying from One of Southern Ontario’s largest power generation distributers
  • We have factory trained sales and service representatives
  • We have over 35 year experience with mechanical engine repair and diagnostics
  • We are a warranty approved service provider
  • You’re getting the trusted experts at site preparation and installation