Running a farm operation is a 24/7 job

Your power supply needs to be too. It’s a tough business and you need the right machinery to get the job done. If you have livestock, you have the added concerns of animal safety and comfort. Ventilation, food supply, waste removal, milking systems and more.

As our climate continually changes we are experiencing more aggressive storm systems. As our urban centers continually sprawl, root systems and water tables are affected. Trees topple and power goes out. The electrical grid is in continuous need of upgrading. An ever increasing demand for power continues to strain the system. Power interruption is an increasing threat.

Our lineup of generator systems combines the most trusted brands with the T4Power’s exceptional technical services for site preparation, installation and maintenance. We are:

  • One of Southern Ontario’s largest power generation distributers
  • Factory trained sales and service representatives
  • Experienced mechanical engine repair and diagnostic specialists
  • A warranty approved service provider
  • Trusted experts at site preparation and installation