No power, no business. It’s that simple.

As a business owner you know the importance of a continuous reliable power supply.

It keeps critical systems running; it helps keep your property secure. Lost power is lost opportunity and can also incur significant costs. Having an integrated, automatic transfer backup generator system may even save you on your insurance rates.

Many offices or stores can maintain most of their business activities if they have sufficient power for lights, computers and HVAC systems. Convenience and specialty food stores need standby power for temperature controlled product. Inventory is valuable and food safety can’t be compromised. Service centers need to keep their fuel pumps and lights on and working.

Our lineup of generator systems combines best in class technology from the most trusted brands with the T4Power’s unrivalled technical services for site preparation, installation and maintenance.

  • One of Southern Ontario’s largest power generation distributers
  • Factory trained sales and service representatives
  • Experienced mechanical engine repair and diagnostics
  • Warranty approved service provider
  • Trusted experts at site preparation and installation